Conventions And Love

People love stuff. I don’t necessarily mean in a materialistic way (although that is also true). I mean people love to be fans of stuff. They love to work at stuff. They love to be creative. They love to be knowledgeable. They love to imitate. When I blog about guitars, it is just one way I show that I too love stuff (guitars to be specific, if you hadn’t noticed).

My wife and I just spent the day at the Emerald City Comic Convention. We spent a lot of time looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff for my wife…and were quite successful.  We also spent a lot of time people watching, talking to artists and writers, getting autographs, attending seminars, looking through boxes of comics, etc.

Perhaps the real word I should be using is “obsess” instead of “love.” Will Wheaton talked about how the nerds, gamers, geeks (or whatever other subgenre groups are out there) of the world should unite. We should be proud of what we love. I too often obsess about this guitar stuff. And I see a lot of people on the web obsessing about guitar stuff too! And today’s event in Seattle showed a whole lot of people obsessing about non-guitar stuff (hard to imagine, I know).

Yet how many of those people have other things going on in their lives?  How many spent hours and hours and lots of money on costumes that they only get to wear a few times? How many people (such as myself) have spent hours and hours and lots of money on musical equipment that they still can’t really play? So in honor of us obsessives (and there is one in all of us, perhaps you just haven’t found the stuff you will love/obsess over), I give you people in costume:


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