Can’t Refuse

No one can refuse a 2 and a half year old who comes to you with his headphones on (gotta protect those ears!)  asking for drumsticks so he can play the drums. And then when he asks you to play the guitar too, well, it just makes you smile… and grab your guitar!

This has happened twice in the last three days. Boy comes to me with his big red headphones asking for drum sticks so he can play. As soon as he gets on the drum throne and starts banging away on the drum set, he stops and yells for me to play the guitar.

So of course I oblige him. He has some interesting rhythm. He can’t do drum rolls, so he lays one stick on the snare and then hits it really hard with the other drum stick so it bounces a few times. It’s like a drum roll with a steady rim hit.

Then he yells out topics for me to sing about while I play. It always starts with trucks. “Sing about TRUCKS!” Then the requests get more specific. “Sing about Skid Steers!” “Sing about front loaders!” “Sing about garbage trucks!” “Sing about street sweepers!” And on and on and on.

But we have a great time. Especially when Girl comes in with her headphones on too and dances. Party at Casa De Gtr1ab!


3 thoughts on “Can’t Refuse

  1. I just love that both Boy and Girl both have their own headphones. And I’d love for the Wife to get some of these songs on tape….

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