Online Guitar Lessons – Win

I just won another contest!  Six months of free guitar lessons from! Thank you Guitar Lifestyle!

In the past I looked into guitar lessons from local instructors (described here, here, and here), but ended up not finding something that worked for my schedule or budget. So I stopped looking. I have considered online lessons, but worried that I wouldn’t learn very well without live human interaction. After perusing, I’m actually feeling positive about this 6 month trial, but a little overwhelmed with the amount of content.  Luckily they are already prepared for this and have lesson plans to help you through this process.  The sample lesson plan I looked at was for learning bass. I might actually start with this since I never really learned to play bass in my law school band, Supplemental Jurisdiction.  I’ll probably be spending the next week looking things over.  And of course I’ll report here how things go.

Here’s the best description I’ve found of


2 thoughts on “Online Guitar Lessons – Win

  1. What a great way to test out online lessons! FREE! Congrats! I’m looking forward to hearing how you like online lessons.

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