Just watched the Oscars in 34 minutes courtesy of the ol’ DVR. Admittedly I have not seen all the films. We don’t see as many movies as we used to and we rarely go to the theater because the cost of a babysitter doubles the cost of the date. So we decide which movies to watch based on whether we think they are worth the big screen/big sound theater treatment or if we will be able to see them on our old tube television at home after the kids go to bed.

Music performances have become very similar. We did not go see Eric Clapton last night with a friend from fencing. We are not going to any stadium shows anytime soon. Yet we are going to two concerts in the next two months. First, we are going to see the Dismemberment Plan for their only west coast reunion show! This will be our third time to see them and we love them!

Second, we are going to see the Joy Formidable. They appear to be the new favorite band for my wife and that does not happen very often. So big thanks to those bands for putting on shows that we are willing to see and thank you to our babysitters who will allow us to enjoy them!

So I’m curious. For those of you with kids (or without), how do you decide what should receive the effort of getting out? What is worth the hour or longer drive each way? What is worth the cost of babysitting? What is worth the cost of admissions, whatever that may be?


9 thoughts on “Oscars

  1. I should have only watched 34 minutes of the Oscars because it was horrible this year. Dull and boring. And I couldn’t stand the hosts. I wanted to punch Anne Hathaway in the face every time she appeared on the screen.

    I saw every film nominated this year. See? You talk about guitars and I don’t have much to say. You talk about movies and I could go on and on. Most of the nominated movies could easily be seen in the comfort of your home. I will say that Inception WAS pretty cool on the big screen.

    Dan and I hardly go out to movies together because we hate paying for baby-sitters. It’s usually me with a bunch of girls and him with a bunch of guys. But we do like seeing them in the theatre. We never go to concerts. Dan doesn’t enjoy concerts. I could go into more depth as to why he doesn’t but I won’t here. We were about to buy tickets to see Fleet Foxes but the tickets were too expensive. Love that band!

    • I wasn’t as bothered by the hosts. I thought it was a cute presentation. Unfortunately the Oscars are not really supposed to be cute.

      We’ve also started watching movies, and sometimes even local shows, separately. My wife isn’t going to sit through a blues open mic, but I will!

      And glad to hear we made good choices on everything but Inception!

  2. I completely understand the feeling. The whole issue of not wanting to pay for a babysitter has been a huge issue for us for a long time and has kept us from going out. I think it’s important to get out for both the couple and also for the family as a whole. In the end, babysitting is a good investment. I think you just have to be wise as to what you decide to do on the date–to make sure that it’s spending quality time with each other.

    So basically, after all this rambling, I guess I’m saying that we don’t get out much. 🙂 Though we talk about changing that. Maybe we should work on that.

    • You have got to change that. And I agree that movies are generally a waste of time. Activities that provide time for talking are the best, especially away from the kids. Find ways to enjoy each other’s interests. Find a local open mic night and a coffee shop or book store. They are laid back and fun, plus you can leave anytime. Good luck!

  3. I can’t believe the words “cute” and “Oscars” came out of your mouth, Guitar man.

    And secondly, “movies are generally a waste of time”?! What?! Even thought you’re slightly right, it still pains me to read that. I love movies. I love watching them with Dan even if we don’t talk during them. I guess each couple has their own bonding thing. Maybe I like that we don’t talk during movies because Dan talks so much and so loudly. Ha! Ha!

    • Isn’t that the same as Dan saying concerts are a waste of time or at least not worth attending? I don’t like movies. You (or at least your spouse) doesn’t like concerts. Can’t we all just get along?

  4. Sorry, I wrote that wrong. Dan doesn’t think concerts are a waste of time. He just doesn’t like to attend them because they’re so loud. He acts like he’s 80 years old when attending concerts. Ha!

    And yes, we can all get along! Ha! Even if you don’t love movies as much as us.

    • I completely understand Dan’s complaint on that one! Ever since a very unfortunate experience with an opening band’s excruciatingly loud moog use ruined our hearing for the main act, we have always worn ear plugs for every show. Sometimes we’ll miss the high’s of the mix and take out the ear plugs, but that is very rare. We value our hearing too much. Shows just seem to get louder and louder…or we are getting older and older!

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