Finally got that Tattoo…

Although it has been sitting on my desk for weeks, I finally got around to putting the free Strattoos guitar tattoo I won on one of my guitars. First of all, the product really is as simple as it sounds. I started by picking a guitar. As I’ve mentioned before, I like the 8 ball/skull graphic for my 1968 Teisco Del Rey that is now metallic green.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the guitar tattoo didn’t fit.

So I tried it on my 1974 Epiphone Crestwood ET-275.

It worked perfectly. I didn’t have any problems with air bubbles. My Crestwood is pretty flat, but the guitar tattoo lay smoothly over the rounded edges of the body. I probably could have had the guitar tattoo wrap around the edges of the Del Rey, but I didn’t like the look.

I played my Crestwood for a bit and tried rubbing off the tattoo. I could feel the ridges of the guitar tattoo, but it didn’t come off.  Admittedly, I didn’t try playing through a band practice or a gig (not that I’ve had many of those), but it seemed to work.  I also didn’t put it through the 2 year old test, but I wouldn’t do that with many of my guitars anyway.

However, my wife didn’t like it. She’s a big fan of keeping my Crestwood in its original state (“Keep at least one guitar un-modded.”). She also commented that the graphic looked like the type of temporary tattoo you’d get in a cracker jack box. Ouch. So I tested the ability of the guitar tattoo to come off.  Once I got my fingernail under the edge, which was easier than I thought, it came right off. I was careful not to rip it or pull too hard (it isn’t made of steel), but it seemed sturdy enough that I could remove it without worry.

Then I put it on my bass. It transferred over with no problems. Again, I really like the concept of this product. It is a quick and easy way to personalize your guitar without actually modifying your guitar. But more graphics are needed. The current ones available don’t really appeal to my taste. But if they appeal to you, then more power to you!

But, as I’ve said before, I’m also not going to put it on guitars that I already like as is. Sorry, but my quilt maple topped Warmoth project guitar and my Wolverine guitar are not going to get guitar tattoo treatment.

And I’m really disappointed that the guitar tattoo didn’t fit on my Del Rey. I still think it would look best on that guitar.


2 thoughts on “Finally got that Tattoo…

  1. I laughed to hear about your “tests,” specifically the 2 year old test. If it survives that, it can survive anything. Though I think you’re smart to consider limits to the test. 🙂

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