new jam band

We have entered a new phase of family bands in my household. Our family friend who is hip, cool, and talented came over to jam. We had a blast playing her songs.  It was a bit unnerving, yet exciting when she said she doesn’t know many covers. Other than the one original song my lawschool band wrote, I’ve never played anything but covers.  Then she started playing her Martin, my wife started playing softly on the drums, and I followed her on electric guitar.  When she started singing, it actually sounded like we knew what we were doing!

At one point our friend and I were trying to figure out what key a song was in so I could play little riffs in the background and we were wrong.  It sounded bad.  My wife was chuckling from behind the drum set and I asked her what was so funny.  She laughs, “You’re cute when you’re off by a half step.  The song is in B, not C.”  I moved my hands over a fret and suddenly it didn’t sound so bad.

So thanks to Her Lovely Trees for a great evening of music and laughs!  And especially for giving my wife a reason to play the drums.  After you left she even admitted that being in a band is fun!  We’ll see if she actually buys some brushes for playing quietly.


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