Guitar tattoos

For any guitar player out there who actually takes the time to read my blog (sorry family members, reading this blog to try to understand me and my craziness doesn’t qualify), I hope you are reading The Fifth Fret too.  They recently posted a contest from Strattoos for one of their non-adhesive guitar tattoos.  Of course I entered it… and got offered a free guitar tattoo!

I chose the Side Pocket skull and crossbones tattoo for my 1968 Teisco Del Rey K-3L.  I think it will look great with the metallic green paint job my friend gave it.

I really like the idea of the non-adhesive guitar tattoo for decorating your guitar.  As you have probably noticed, I like to mod my guitars, including paint jobs, reshaping necks, etc.  The Wolverine guitar started out as a simple attempt to put a cool image on the guitar.  I couldn’t decide on a paint color and I didn’t want to cover it in stickers.  Now I have guitars (like the Del Rey) that I painted a specific color, but I don’t want to cover it in stickers or decals.  I change my mind. They are messy and wear off.  I can come up with lots of negatives for putting stickers on my guitars.  That’s why I don’t have any stickers on my guitars.

Strattoos seems like a happy compromise.  Because they aren’t adhesive, they should be easy to work with (I’ll let you know when it arrives).  They certainly give you additional decoration options for your guitar! But I have to admit, these would not normally be high on my list of the mods I want to spend my money on.  My guitar funds are limited. I would rather put the $20 toward actual hardware upgrades (tuning machines, pick ups, bridges, jacks, knobs, etc.).  For me, I’d want to get the guitar in great working order before I start adding cosmetic things that aren’t permanent.  If it is permanent, then I have to decide earlier on in the process and commit.  And I find commitment difficult, so maybe this is the best product for me.

I’m not sure I’m really getting at what I want to say.  I like the idea of the guitar tattoo.  I like it a lot!  I think that I may not have made Wolverine if I had found this product back when I decopaged Wolverine comics on an old Peavey Predator strat knock off body because I couldn’t commit to a base color.  But I would’ve had to find an image that I liked so much that I wouldn’t have had to customize my own (and I didn’t even paint it myself, I just used old comics).  As an add on, the guitar tattoo is easy.  But the price is higher than all those stickers out there.  But for people like me, the stickers aren’t really a competing product.  However, their selection so far doesn’t fit with my guitar and artistic tastes.  I could be wrong, but the images seem more “metal” and less classic, bluesy, retro, etc…which is more to my liking. I think of Greasy Groove (well, not their decals…to permanent!) as their main competition and the art is more my style.  I’m curious, for those guitar playing readers out there (all 3 of you), do you like the images? What is your style/artistic favorites?  Check out and let me know in the comments below!

But don’t get me wrong.  I think the idea of this product is great!  I’m excited that I actually won something!  I’m excited to try the Strattoos guitar tattoo!  I with them all the best success and look forward to the additional images they come up with!  Thanks Strattoos!

Oh, and happy ground hogs day!


3 thoughts on “Guitar tattoos

  1. I disagree with the term “tacky.” My point is that the art has to appeal to you, otherwise it isn’t a good fit. If you like the art, then it works. If you prefer your guitar in its original state, then that is what works for you. For example, I will not be adding any decoration to my Warmoth guitar project. I think it looks too cool as is. But I can see other guitars needing something more. This is a nice, non-permanent way to get that something more!
    Again, it is the concept I really like.

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