Best way to dumpster dive

I have discovered the best way to dumpster dive.  The person throwing the stuff away that you are interested in lets you know when they are going to throw it away.  My local guitar shop is cleaning out their storage space and is throwing away “old” (not vintage) and broken combo amp chasis and cabinets.  I have consistently told them that I am looking for metal corners, handles, and other nick knacks, so if they get rid of stuff to let me know.  They did.

So now I have an empty Raven RG100 combo cabinet in my garage waiting for me to remove the handle and the metal corner covers!

While I was there I saw two Yamaha horns sitting on the floor.  I mentioned they might want to move those so someone doesn’t trip and they told me they were getting rid of them.  They were going to put them on the sidewalk with a sign that said, “Take me if your horny.”  I won’t comment on my state of arousal, but I did take the horns too for a future PA speaker cabinet project!  Thanks guys!

I do love taking free stuff and building something that works out of them!


5 thoughts on “Best way to dumpster dive

    • Ha! Ya, nothing like saying “If you have any free junk you’re throwing away, give it to me first!” I think the key is not being embarrassed and just saying what I’m interested in. I’m not spending a bunch of money on gear, but I am trying to make stuff from whatever is available.

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