Friday wasn’t the end

I just read my last post (TGIF?).  Wow.  Depressing.  I tried to end it on a good note (which is how the week went), but it still sounds pretty down.  This week has also been exhausting, but I am more upbeat.  In fact, I had two very up beat guitar oriented events.  Unfortunately, they weren’t playing guitars, they were talking about guitars.

My coworker and friend who has the great guitar collection (and plays very well) stopped by on Wed.  In a previous meeting I had told him about a 6 part review of the Parker Fly on theFifthFret.  Of all his guitars, his number 1 gigging guitar has become his Parker Fly (with Roland synth pick up installed at the bridge – so he has the two humbuckers (with split coil capabilities), the stock piezo pick up in the bridge for acoustic sounds, and the synth pick up for playing other instruments on the guitar.  This is the pick up and technology that got me on the organ/POG2 quest.  Anyway, I digress.  We started chatting about guitars and his new year’s eve gig with an accordion player.  He had an amp go out on him at the gig.  We talked about the Electro Harmonix .22 caliber (22 watt) pedal amp as a back up.  Anyway, it was a great conversation about guitar stuff and I came away feeling upbeat and happy.  So upbeat and happy that the next three people I interacted with at work commented on it.

Then on 1/11/11 I talked with my wife about us possibly hosting a party with live music on 11/11/11.   November 11th is a Friday and a state holiday.  It couldn’t get much better than that!  And there is plenty of time to ask people to get ready.  We have a family friend who plays, writes, and records her own music.  She could play.  My work band could start practicing again and we could play.  The Breakfast Club could get back together and maybe even learn a second song!  And finally, I could ask the friend who got the Gretsch and gave me the body blanks if he wants to start a country western band with him on guitar and singing, me playing bass, and my wife playing drums! Plenty of time to do all of that!

The only thing that alarms me is that all of this excitement came from talking about guitars.  Not actually playing.  Once I’ve got this fencing instructor’s exam out of the way I need to regroup and make sure my excitement isn’t just about guitars, but about playing guitars.  Otherwise I’m wasting my time and money on equipment and instruments.  That seems just plain stupid to me.  It has to have a point.  It has to have a purpose.  Or it is just amassing stuff for the sake of stuff.  One of the reasons I love guitars is because I want to make music.  But if I’m just a victim of GAS and nothing else, then I need to stop.

Again, this will have to wait until after the exam, but I’m sure I’ll have more to blog about then.  It’ll be like my new year’s resolution posts…just delayed a month and a half.


3 thoughts on “Friday wasn’t the end

  1. I think you’ve been working towards your exam for so long–and now you have something to look forward to for your guitar playing. Great idea to set a date to work towards and especially when you’re so excited about it!

    • I agree, but one of the key things that will make or break this idea is the involvement of others. I am finding that I make big plans that impact lots of people…without talking to those people first. So right now it is still just a plan! I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it in two weeks!

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