New Gear

Well, new to me.  I got a used Morley A/B/Y footswitch.  This replaces the Boss A/B footswitch I have been using to go between the F and M preamps on my Frenzel Super Sportster Champ.  Now I have the ability to switch between the F and M preamps, as well as send my guitar signal through both of them.

Technically this is a Christmas gift that should be under the tree, but since it was used, I had to make sure it worked properly… of course.  I was surprised at how good both preamps sound together.  I like the Fender amp sounds I can get with the F preamp and I’m really exploring the Marshall sounds from the M preamp, but combining them just really seems to wake up the sound.  I can dial in the right amount of gain on each channel, play with those two settings with the A or B footswitch, then add a third sound with the A and B footswitch.  It doesn’t increase the volume very much, but it certainly sounds fuller.  More full.  Whatever the proper grammar is for that.

Now that I’ve “opened” it, I’ll play with it more and post about it later.  Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “New Gear

  1. Very cool… I personally have no experience with these A/B/Y footswitches. What are you using them for?

    By the way- I will have to check out your blog more often! Very cool!

    If you want to- I have a blog that I post stuff on guitars and Bible studies… it’d be cool if you could check it out!

    • My amp is a single channel amp, but has two inputs. One is for a Fender style pre-amp and the other is for a Marshall style pre-amp. I use the A/B portion of the footswitch to go between the two preamps (kind of like a channel selector). I use the Y portion of the footswitch to go through both the Fender and Marshall preamps at the same time. It has a different feel from each one on its own, but it isn’t really like having a third channel. It’s not like clean, crunch, and lead channels. It just all adds up to something I’m really enjoying right now!

      Thanks for the comment. Your blog looks nice. I look forward to your future guitar content!

      • Ok…gotcha! That’s really cool how you can switch between all of that stuff!

        Thanks! I just posted a blog about volume pedals… check it out! By the way- I added you to my blog roll!

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