I actually don’t riff well. I play chord progressions and then play the same scale over and over on top of them.  I don’t even play moving bass lines with my chords or throw in little single string stuff with my chords.  However, today I plugged my Wolverine guitar straight into the Marshall style preamp on my Frenzel, put the pick up selector on both the neck and middle pick up, turned the guitar volume down just a bit, and played something that sounded really good!  It was loose and sloppy and very fun.

I then tried the same thing through the bridge pick up.  It didn’t sound good.  Then I tried the Fender style preamp on my Frenzel and that didn’t sound as good.  Then I tried a bunch of pick up configurations and tone knob adjustments.  None of it sounded as good as what I first played.  So I went back to my original settings on everything and played the riff again.  It sounded great to my ears!

I felt a sense of triumph!  I felt a sense of gratification.  I found a sound, a tone with my gear.  Something that I can recreate and something that I enjoy.  It felt really good to have done that since I play so rarely through my amp.  I look forward to trying to recreate it again tomorrow.  Hopefully I will feel that same sense of accomplishment when it sounds as good to me as it did today.


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