Guitar Assembly

I must admit that I really don’t consider myself a guitar builder.  I am a guitar assembler.  I do not have the tools or time to actually build a guitar from scratch.

Someday I hope to have the tools and time, but for now I will:

  1. Focus on playing the guitars I have.
  2. Occasionally upgrade parts on the guitars I have.
  3. Help others rebuild guitars from parts we can gather.
  4. Enjoy the artistry that goes into guitars and realize I am a long way away from anything that qualifies as art.

The other night the friend who found the body blanks brought over a neck he purchased from  I have a random strat body and most of the leftover parts from Wolverine, so we’re going to combine them into a complete guitar for him!  He wants to upgrade the tuners with locking tuners (good idea).  He would probably accept my old pick ups, but I’m not in a position to get new ones anytime soon.  So one more project has begun!

But really, the focus I need to have is on playing.  Or more importantly, learning to play.  More on that later.


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