Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a real affliction.

This week a POG2 showed up on my local craigslist.  I have passed on the POG and the POG 2 when I have had past opportunities, but this time it was different.  The in-laws were in town for the holidays and had just given us Christmas money to pick up our own gifts.  They were kind enough to provide just enough to cover the costs of the last bicycle commuting gear I have on my wish list (gloves, booties, fenders).  But this amount would also take a significant chunk out of the prohibitive cost of the POG2 listed on craigslist.  Oh what to do!?!

This was a real dilemma for me because I really want both things.  This is totally selfish and all about me, but we’re talking about Christmas gifts.  And we’re talking about the acquisition of stuff, which I seem to enjoy more than the stuff itself.  Besides, picking your own gifts is about as selfish as you can get (unless you end up buying a Vox Virage with this month’s mortgage payment without telling your spouse, not that I would do anything like that).  The POG2 has been the object of my affection for a while (as shown here, here, here, and here).  My morning commute in the Great Northwest winter rain has made a few of my current bike gear limitations pretty obvious.  So which selfish desire do I fulfill at someone else’ expense?

After comparing these two options to each other, I still couldn’t decide. So I brought in some more variables.  Here is my inner dialogue (yes, I have an inner dialogue, not a monologue).

I am interested in adding a digital delay pedal (Boss DD7), but not as much as the POG2.  I “need” to get some high end Lollar pick ups as the last parts for my Wolverine guitar upgrades (then it will be complete).  I’d rather do that than get the POG2, or would I?  Well, I definitely want the Frenzel amp upgrades (effects loop and additional power tube) for my Super Sportster Champ amp.  Do I want that more than the POG2?  I think I do.  I would use the upgrades to the amp more than the POG2.  I could use the POG2 without the upgrades, but the upgrades would make future use of the POG2 and my existing effects easier.  Plus the additional power tube (with switch) would add volume when I want, as well as allow me to blend different tube configurations (very cool) when I play!  But I really am getting tired of soaked feet when I ride to work.  And plastic grocery sacks only work for so long (I always seem to get a hole in one bag, so I have one soaked foot and one dry foot by the time I get to my destination).  My new jacket really is nice.  This would be my chance to get some other gear upgrades and make my ride even nicer.  But do I really need all the bike gear on my list.  My hands are doing well with just my ski gloves.  And will booties really be necessary if I get full coverage fenders?  How do I find this out without trying fenders before purchasing the other stuff on my bike gear list?  Maybe just one purchase and then go from there.  Of course by the time I figure out the bootie/fender relationship the POG2 will be gone.  But I don’t think I am going to get the POG2 right now.  I’d rather get the amp upgrades and those won’t go away so I can focus on the bike gear question.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do.  Get the fenders.  Try them out.  Decide if I need booties.  Put whatever money doesn’t get spent on bike gear toward the amp upgrades.  This plan is ingenious!

There you have it.  I came to a decision.  Amazing.  I am moving forward.  And I only question/review that decision every couple hours.  And I will continue to question/review that decision until I’ve made the commitment of actually purchasing the fenders.  Then I’ll start agonizing over the next purchase decision point.  Oh the life of a non-committal wanna be.


One thought on “Dilemma

  1. Have you looked at GFS pickups? I have heard good things about them, and it sounds like they are less expensive. Worth considering as less on Pickups means more alsewhere.

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