What’s your damage!?!

The other day I was cleaning up my office space in preparation for the in-law’s holiday visit.  I moved my newly made speaker cabinet from the floor to the top of the bookshelf when I noticed that the dust cap didn’t look right.

I looked at it closer.  It was pushed in with a big dimple.  My stomach fell.  I was panicked. I went online and searched fixes.  Some forums talked about using a toilet paper roll and sucking.  Others talked about using a vacuum.  I tried both, but they were talking about tweeters and this was a 12 inch guitar speaker that none of these things would fit.

I expressed my sorrow to my wife (that’s the nice way of saying I whined) and how I blamed myself for putting it on the floor where my two year old could explore with his stubby fingers.  She looked at it as I tried different remedies gleaned from the internet.  After no success I started looking for more.  She started to poke and prod the dust cap, turned to me, and said, “There.  It’s back to it’s original form.”

I was amazed.  She fixed it.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “What’s your damage!?!

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