The title of this entry is to be read like Cartman saying “Respect my AUTHORITY!”

That’s right.  I need to PRIORITIZE.

So everytime I sit down to blog about guitars I will ask myself a few questions.

  1. Should I be studying for my fencing instructor exam?
  2. Could I actually be playing the guitar right now?

I did that earlier today when I sat down to write about some other guitar oriented thing.  I should have been studying, but I had studied already in the morning.  Then I realized that it was post dinner and pre-bath, so the kids were awake, but did not need immediate attention.  So I plugged in and played along to two songs that my work band played.  Gouge Away took a quick listen to get the timing right on the “solo” parts, but was a nice warm up.  Then I tried I Know What I Am by the Band of Skulls.  I have never figured out the chorus for that one.

I tried to play through it, but failed miserably.  Then I focused on just the verse.  Easy.  It is all D5.

Next came the chorus.  I couldn’t get it, so I moved on to the end.  As always, a straight forward group of power chords.  Gotta love it!

I went back to the chorus and googled the guitar tab.  I found a lot of different interpretations of this song.  Obviously the one I had used originally was not right about the chorus.  It just didn’t sound right.  Then I found a bass tab that seemed right on.  I played the root note that the bass tab wrote out.  It was a simple A and E over and over until it ended the chorus on B.  Of course!  That’s it!  So I played along with the song and nailed it (well, to my ears anyway).

I started on the solo, but then it was bath time for the kids.  I put everything away quickly and washed hair.

Now I’m back on the computer and have asked myself these two questions again.  I should be studying.  That one’s going to be answered with a yes through February.  I could use headphones to play, but I won’t.  In the future, I will be less likely to blog and more likely to study.  I need to re-prioritize things in life.  I’ve taken on some challenges that need to be the focus right now. It is a bit daunting to re-prioritize life, so I’m starting with just these two things.  There are other things that are more important, but I’m starting with where blogging fits first.  Family, friends, work, church, scouts, etc. also have to be prioritized (and will probably end up being in that order), but I’m starting small.

My family is still the main focus, so the next things I need prioritize are the things that show my family that they are the main focus.  Bath time may seem mundane, but it is a priority because it is for the family (not to mention anyone the kids interact with tomorrow!).

I find myself escaping too easily into this blog and other guitar oriented things that don’t actual improve my playing or detract from things that are more important than guitars.  If you go back through past blogs (but why would you, I don’t), you’ll see this is a common theme.  But today I really do see a need to change.  And I have actually changed my behavior today.  I will not be so focused on getting a blog entry each day.   I will focus on my top priorities in life.  And right now, blogging is below a lot of these.



2 thoughts on “Pri-or-i-tize

  1. I can really relate to this post. My husband just took the GRE yesterday. Looking back, we wish we had kept family the priority. I felt like family came last in our long list of things to do. And we realize it didn’t have to be that he spent ALL his time with us–just that we should have planned and spent what little time we had together over these past two months as quality time. Glad to see you’re going about it the right way. Your family will thank you. 🙂

    • It is tough! The pressure to study is even more difficult to deal with because you can always do more. It never stops. And you always worry that if you had just studied a little harder, you’ll have done better. The other thing that we’ve had to do is to really weigh what obligations we really need to keep in our lives. Work is a given (unless you’re independently wealthy or not really worried about employment or financial stability right now), but there are ways to keep it within specific guidelines. I treated grad school like a job. I would study from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day for the first 3 months of each semester. Weekends were homework free, or at least it was done when the family was asleep. The last month of every semester that plan went out the window and I often stayed at school until 10 p.m. in preparation for finals, but that was for a limited time. The week of finals I made it a goal to get a full nights sleep. No staying up late. No waking up early (if I could avoid it).
      Anyway, I could go on and on about this topic and the things we’ve tried that worked and the things we’ve tried that failed. And don’t get me started about church obligations. Taking the youth camping is great, but what a time suck from your family! And youth activity night, oh man, I hate them. So now that you’ve got the GRE behind you, start those efforts to prioritize your obligations now, because once he starts school it will be even more difficult.
      Oh, and make sure you set some time aside for yourself. You have interests that need to be pursued too. Don’t put everything about you on hold for the family. Life is a combination of selfish and selfless acts. Make sure you are getting a full life!
      I’ll get off my soap box now.
      Thanks for the comment!

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