It wasn’t late in the evening, but I turned my amp up loud and I began to play!

For a single EL34 power tube, it gets very loud!  My wife hopped on the drums and I made the kids put on their headphones for ear protection.  I then turned it up!

It was great!  I started with just turning up the master volume, then I turned up the gain for each input as I switched between the F and M inputs.  Then I played with my pedals at wonderfully loud volumes.  It was great fun and will certainly keep up with the drums.  Thanks to the family for joining me on my journey to test this new speaker cabinet.

Over the next few days I’ll try to scan in my blue prints and the build steps in case anyone else out there wants to give it a try.


2 thoughts on “Loud

  1. Excited to see blue prints. I really liked the idea of the “Suitcase Boombox” you posted about a couple weeks ago. Is it easy to connect speakers to an audio jack for input? I have some extra speakers lying in the garage; I was thinking about making a simple portable speaker for my mp3 player/computer/whatever.

    • It is easy to hook up the speakers to the jack. All you have to worry about is impedance…oh, and a power supply. Your mp3 player/computer/whatever needs to provide juice to the speakers. You can build a small power amp go between your mp3 player and speaker. We’ll have to chat!

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