It Works!

It works!  It actually works!

I assembled my speaker cabinet today!  It is not the most beautiful piece of woodwork.  In fact, I haven’t even sanded it yet.  But I wanted to see if it would actually fit together and make the desired noises.

It does!

Admittedly I only played it at post-children-in-bed low-master-volume levels, but it sounds pretty good!  Not too bass heavy.  Not too ice-picky.  But what amazes me most is that it actually works!

I put the baffle on the box with six screws and finishing washers, then put in the speaker in with four nut and bolt sets.

Next I soldered some standard speaker wire from the jack to the speaker.  I thought about using clips to connect to the speaker, but the used speaker already had solder on the tabs.   So I cleaned it, added new solder, and hooked everything together.  If you ever do this, remember to put a towel or something down to protect the speaker from any splashes of hot solder or slips of the wrist with the hot soldering iron. It would be bad to ruin a speaker.

Then I attached the back panels and the jack to the top back panel.

Now that it was all assembled, I just had to plug the speaker cable from the amp to the cabinet and turn on the amp.

I left the amp in standby for a long time.

I then flipped the switch from standby to on and heard a pop.

Then nothing. No hiss.  No fuzz.  Nothing.

I hit a chord on my guitar and slowly turned up the amp’s master volume.  Within milliseconds there was sound coming from the speaker.

I muted the strings and it was quiet again.  I hit a single note and it sang.  I played a quick progression.  All the strings rang out.  I played a blues riff and bent some notes.  They all came out of the new speaker cabinet through the powers of glorious amplification!

Now I still need to take it all apart, sand, and finish the box, but at least I know it works.  At least I know it will make sound when I reassemble it in its finished form!


7 thoughts on “It Works!

  1. We finally get to see what all the talk is about! Great job! And so glad it works. I just hope you can play it a little louder sooner than later!

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