It’s not you, it’s me

Driving back to work today I heard “I want you (she’s so heavy)” by the Beatles.  That is a song I need to learn on the guitar!

More importantly, this evening I went to my first fencing instructor study group.  I’m preparing (with others) to take the Prevot instructor exam in February (that’s a step under Master for those of you not familiar with the USFCA’s instructor classifications).  I’ve got a lot of work between now and February if I’m going to be prepared.  I know all six of you loyal readers will be disappointed, but I don’t know if I will be making daily updates.  Once I get into a study schedule, I’ll have a better idea.  But I’m just warning you that until February, I may not be posting everyday.  Perhaps every other day.  Or every third day.  Or maybe once a week.  We’ll see.

Most importantly, all this preparation and studying is a great opportunity to learn more about teaching and creating lesson plans.  A lot of what I’ve been reading about lately are the stages or phases of learning.  There is the introductory phase in which you try to achieve a specific technique.  Then there is the competitive or main phase in which you try to use that specific technique in real life.  Finally, there is usually a transitional phase in which you may not practice as carefully and you may feel like you are not performing as well, but this is just leading up to the next introductory phase in which you start to learn something else.  This is a cycle that continues over and over.  The goal is to have each turn of the cycle build on the last one.  So you are constantly progressing.

This isn’t just specific to fencing or sports.  This applies to learning to play the guitar.  Once I have completed this stuff for fencing I plan to use the same approach to learning the guitar.  I’ll figure out an assessment of my current skills, knowledge, and ability.  Then I’ll start creating lesson plans, exercises, and learning opportunities to begin the introductory phase, main phase, and transitory phase.  I think it will actually be a lot of fun!  Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s me

  1. I want you (she’s so heavy) is a reasonably easy tune to learn and very fun to play. If you want the tab/score I’d be happy to send it along, just let me know.

    • That would be great! Just send it to gtr1ab at gmail dot com. It sounds like a reasonably easy tune to learn. I like how the lead guitar follows the lyrics, yet stands alone so well. And the whole reason it caught my attention when I heard it on the radio was because it does sound like it would be very fun to play! Thanks!

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