Christmas Tone

Driving around town with the family today, my wife commented that the guitar tone in Guiding Light by Muse is the guitar tone that reminds her of Christmas.


Listen to it at 2:06.

She said it sounded like gravy.  Thick and rich and slightly gelatinous.

Then she contrasted it to the Queen tone of Brian May, which, somewhat ironically, Muse has on the same album in United States of Eurasia (check it out at 1:17 and 2:40).  She describes it as juicy…like eating a peach and the juice goes running down your cheeks.

So we began discussing how to describe these tones and why on earth she would relate the first one to Christmas.  And then it hit me.  Her Christmas guitar tone comes from:

Yes, that’s right.  Popular culture has associated a specific guitar tone with Christmas.  But if you think about it, even people who don’t play guitar or who don’t even care about guitar tone, they still know the difference between the different guitar tones in popular music.  People can hear and recognize the difference between electric blues, bopping rockabilly, hard rock, speed metal, twang country, grinding punk, etc.  They may not know the names or labels, but they can tell the difference.  Well, at least my wife and I can.  And for purposes of our discussion (and many of our discussions in life), that is all that matters!


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