Half way

Got halfway through It Might Get Loud while my wife was out with friends. I’m loving it.  She got home, saw a cool section, and said, “I need to see this, don’t I?”  I answered that she did.  “Do you mind starting it over?” she asked.  Of course not.

So I haven’t finished yet, but am starting it again.  I am still enjoying it!


3 thoughts on “Half way

  1. I think Jack White came out as my favorite, but I also came away thinking the Edge was kind of dull. Like I would be bored talking to him at a party. C said he’s just super arrogant. Regardless, he’s got some skillz.

    • I haven’t finished the movie yet, but I read an interesting comment about the movie weeks ago. The reviewer said they liked the Edge and Jimmy Page the best because they had reached a level of success and maturity where they didn’t need to put on a show. You were just seeing them as themselves. In comparison, Jack White is still so young and his career is still growing that he was still putting on an act. It is more interesting, but it is still an act.
      This review has stuck in my head and is coloring how I view the movie. I like Jack White. I agree that the Edge and Mr. Page do not seem as interesting. But I also have the impression that the “real” Jack White would be more interesting to know anyway.
      Perhaps it is because the Edge and Mr. Page were never the frontmen of their respective bands. They were certainly big parts of the band and the mythos (heroes even), but they were not the spokesperson, the frontman, like Jack White is. The Edge can still rely on Bono to do most of the talking. Jimmy Page could rely on Robert Plant.
      This isn’t saying they are not real people with amazing creativity and a lot to say. Too often I fear I dismiss other members of bands as playing a lessor role to the front person simply because they are not in the limelight or the one speaking to the media on a regular basis. How many drummers and bass players have been ignored? I am constantly wondering what kind of people the rest of the band is when the lead singer/front person isn’t getting all the attention. They aren’t just hired guns. The band is a unit. Each member has ideas, opinions, and feelings. I think we forget that too often.

      • Good points.

        I do agree that “the real” Jack White would be just as interesting, if not more.

        I should add that I absolutely loved the film overall. Even though I don’t play the guitar, it’s amazing to see that kind of passion and creativity. (Which reminds me of one of your other posts about how being creative takes a lot of work.)

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