Little amp

Stopped by a guitar shop yesterday and saw a Lil’ Smokey guitar amp.  I’ve read about them on the internet and they seem fun.  I’ve even posted about them based on others’ reviews.

I have been thinking about a little guitar amp for a long time…something to have on my workbench that I can plug things into for testing.  When I helped my friend buy a guitar and amp set for his son, I kept the small First Act amp on my workbench.  It was nice to have.

I’ve also thought about making one using online schematics.  The Curiously Strong Mints mini-amp is a curiosity and tempting.

Then I found this cigar box amp on Etsy and it really got me thinking.  Hmmmm…. add another project to the list.


4 thoughts on “Little amp

  1. If I had your skills I probably would too, but I’ve had mine so long I don’t think I’d replace it. for what it is it works great, rumor had it that it sounded good through a can as well.

    • It’s settled. My next thrift store trip will be spent looking for a speaker from a broken radio! Combine that with a can of beans and I’ll be good to go!

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