So Close

In the same week I had the opportunity to buy a POG and a POG2, b0th of which I was unable to take advantage.  Very disappointing.

I did see a blog post today about a boom box made out of a suitcase. Check out the maker, Mr. Simo, here.

Maybe I should try making a guitar cab out of a suitcase before I go for the wood one that I have designed in my head (especially since my wife rightly pointed out that my woodworking skills are crap and it is supposed to be a square/rectangle box, not a rhombus).

Hmmm…May have to hit the thrift stores this weekend.  I’d probably get something with flat sides so I could reinforce it with some birch plywood.

And as I’m sitting here looking at my new office arrangement, I see an old briefcase I tried to make into a pedal board (too small, hee hee). It measures 12.5 by 17.7 by 3.4 inches.  The speaker is 12 by 5 inches. The diameter would barely fit and the briefcase would never close or at least would require a hole on the other side for the magnet to poke out.  Doesn’t seem as clean as the BoomCases, does it?

Maybe I could have it open so the speaker is slanted up.  I was going to make an opened back speaker cabinet from wood anyway, what’s wrong with an open back suitcase speaker cabinet?

Plus I’d get the benefit of more immediate gratification.



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