Speaker Arrived

The speaker I ordered came in the mail!  Now I really need to build a box for it!  It came very quickly.  More quickly then I thought it would (the original order said expected arrival between Oct 8 and Oct 26).  I’m just happy to have it… although the box was a bit unorthodox.

So I opened it and it appeared to be well packed!

The speaker itself seems to be in good physical shape.  I’m going to take it by my local guitar shop to see if they can test it for me since I don’t have the cabinet built yet.  My first thought was to put it in my Vox AD50VT amp, but I believe the original speaker is a 16 ohm and this new Celestion Vintage 30 is an 8 ohm.  I’ll look further into it if my local guitar shop can’t test it easily or inexpensively.

And just in case some of you were wondering if this really is a 12 inch speaker, the picture is to scale, but that isn’t my hand.  It belongs to my two year old.


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