Play On

Yesterday my 2 year old son started singing the ABC song.  He went from nothing to a full song.  Perhaps he has been singing this song for a while.  Perhaps he has been learning it for weeks.  But when I heard it for the first time it was randomly started and sung while he was playing with a toy skid steer.

So I video taped it.  Maybe you’ll see it.  Probably not.

Anyway, today I was surfing the web and thinking about how i should be playing the guitar instead of wasting my time.  So I pulled a guitar off the wall, plugged it in, and tried to think of something to play.  My son appears from around the corner and starts the ABC song.  So I start playing.  He looks at me and stops singing.  So I play the song and sing along.  Then I start the song again and he sings.  Then we sing together.  He says, “That was TOOL!”  (hasn’t learning those hard C’s yet).  It was fantastic!

But of course it doesn’t end there.  Years ago, when my 5 year old daughter was a baby I made a list of songs I wanted to record for her.  Things that I put together, played, sang, mastered, etc.  I knew it wouldn’t be very good, but I figured she would look back on it fondly when she grew up.  It never happend.

So now I’m thinking I want to do this for my son.  This is my chance to make something musical.  It will be for both of them (a bit belated for Girl), but Boy will really enjoy it (hopefully).

Now to just find the time amidst all the other projects.  Once again I need to prioritize.  Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Play On

  1. I had something similar with my 14 year old the other night. I was looking through s big book of transparencies for songs for Young Life Capernaum and started playing Stay by Jackson Browne to which he started singing along. It was kind of cool. Those things happen less and less as they get older.

    • I recommend hiding a video camera in the kid’s bedroom for at least one or two story times. Those are memories that won’t be recreated later in life! I wish we had recorded last night’s bedtime story. The wife read Peter Pan to both kids and for the first time Boy was into it. He kept asking what was going to happen to the different characters. He was very worried about Tinkerbell and Wendy when they each got captured by the pirates. There is no other word for it besides adorable.

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