Postponement achieved

Funny how last night I was tired.  No, I was literally exhausted.  I didn’t have the energy to write a real blog entry, let alone put forth the effort to accomplish even one thing on any of the projects I have piling up.  I just felt discouraged.

And yet, the very next morning I got out of bed and rode my bike to work for the fourth time this week.  And at lunch I closed my office door, shut the blinds, and played my guitar for the fifth time this week.  As I rode home today (arriving home a good thirty minutes before the rain began) I thought about how good it felt to ride.  I thought about how I had accomplished something I wanted to do.  I just took the time to do it.  Did I play amazing guitar?  No.  Did I get faster on my bike?  No.  Did I have fun? Yes.  Did I achieve a goal?  Yes.

I’m back in my old office at work.  It is half the distance compared to where I was working for the last four months.  So the bike commute is a bit easier on the family schedule.  Plus there are dedicated bike paths for almost the entire trip.  Why would I not ride?

I shouldn’t let myself get discouraged like I did last night.  I was tired.  Exhausted even (as I said above).  But most importantly I was discouraged.  The time constraints that I have willingly placed on my life can feel overwhelming at times.  And most of the time constraints in my life are good things: a wife I love, kids I want to be with, a job I enjoy, a sport I thrive on, a religion I believe makes me happier, etc.  As for prioritizing, most of these things take precedence over guitar.  But that doesn’t mean I have to complete some family “project/task” before I can play the guitar.  It just means I have to strive to work it into all the other stuff going on… like during lunch at work.

So with that, I will bid you all a goodnight.  I’m still exhausted.  I have to get up way to early tomorrow.  But I have broken some of my problems into small pieces like small acorns.


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