Postponed plans

Too often my wife is stuck reminding me that well laid plans don’t work out.  In fact, most plans don’t work out.  As I look at my newly reorganized home office space I see a lot of stuff that is not done.  But exhaustion is catching up and time is slipping by.

So how do you get the important stuff done?  Is this stuff important to life or just important to me?  I know the answer.  It is just important to me.  I guess I just have to pace myself with all the other things going on.


3 thoughts on “Postponed plans

  1. My new thing is to try to put away 5 things a night. It builds up. And usually once I start with 5, I find myself doing a few more. But my new motto is if it’s going to get done, it will happen a little at a time. I just don’t have enough time to devote to one thing.

  2. I have still not come to grips with the fact that living with children in a 100 + year old house means that everything is constantly in a state of flux. Projects pile up. Rooms are unorganized. I’m just glad it happens to other people so we can commiserate.

  3. I try to do the little projects approach too. For example, my current guitar project. I focused on accumulating all the parts for the pick guard. Then I focused on the parts for the strings (bridge, nut, neck, tuners). Then I focused on the body. It has been slow going. Mostly due to financial reasons, but the approach is the same to doing projects when there are so many constraints on your time (for most of us, money and time are both finite). Like my speaker cabinet project. It took me three weeks to finish the drawings. Not because I couldn’t do it in one sitting, but because I didn’t want to detract from the other stuff going on for that long.
    It’s like that White Stripes song about taking your problems and breaking them apart.

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