Fall Cleaning

We spent much of the weekend on cleaning projects throughout the house.  We took apart, cleaned, and reassembled a dresser.  Next we emptied out my ratty old computer desk.  Then we installed shelves in our bathroom closet and removed the free standing book shelf we had put in there as a “temporary fix” four years ago.  I then got all guitar and music making paraphernalia together and created a slightly bigger corner of the office for everything to fit.  The only sacrifice is I now share my computer (and computer desk) with my daughter.

What happened to her computer you may ask?  It is now being used in the garage on the work bench.  I don’t know how we functioned before having a computer in the garage for looking up schematics, skimming directions, watching tutorials, and ordering parts.  It is exceptionally nice to have a computer on hand while working on guitar projects out there.

I spent most of the evening getting things organized and my amps wired up.  I haven’t got my mixer up and running, but I think I have arranged my amps in a way that will avoid my two year old’s exploring fingers.  But I will check them on a regular basis…for a while.  Then I’ll forget and he’ll discover them.  Oh, well.

This entry is a bit on the rambling side.  I’m tired and should go to bed.  Pictures to follow another day.  Good night.


2 thoughts on “Fall Cleaning

  1. We find it helpful to have a computer on every floor of the house. Okay, make that every room. MB’s job has got some perks.

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