Friends and Family

We had some extended family over with their kids…which led me to move all my guitar gear into one protected place.  It is one thing to post and joke about my 2 year old twisting all the knobs on my amp so I have to rediscover the perfect settings.  It is another thing all together to post about broken knobs and banana squished into the input plugs…

which did not happen.

But it very easily could have.  Every household has its unspoken rules by which everyone lives.  All guitars (but the acoustic parlor guitar I put back together for the kids) and amps are off limits when hands are sticky or food is being consumed.  The kids know that they have to wash their hands.  I know I have to wash my hands.  It may sound a little uptight, but it has just evolved into this set of unspoken rules.  The kids still strum on the guitars.  They still bang on the drums.  They still mess up my knob settings on my amp.  But they do this within the confines of “the rules.”

When “outsiders” come in, they don’t know the rules.  We have social morays which help us avoid blundering into someone’s rules, but kids don’t always know that.  And some kids like to find out what the rules are the hard way.

So I piled everything together and kept it protected.  Nothing personal to the extended family, it is just part of the unspoken rules.

So look around your house.  Whether you have kids or pets or just yourself, I bet you have “the rules” too.

And if I have blundered into breaking some of your rules.  I apologize.


One thought on “Friends and Family

  1. I like the nuances of this post. As you can imagine, we have some rules of our own at our house. I can’t stand it when other kids come to our house and want to eat everywhere. We are strictly in the kitchen or at the table people.

    I guess I find it comforting that other people have house “rules” because I so often feel like a freaking nazi.

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