I just spent my Friday night watching Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.  There are a few cool guitars, but the movie is so much worse than the original Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  The most distracting part for me was the air guitar.  It was the most bogus thing out of the show.  At least I can laugh at the effects and plot and characters.

I am not an air guitar hater.  I am not one of those guitarists who is offended by air guitar contests.  I wouldn’t enter one, but I’ve been known to occasionally pretend to play the guitar part of a song with my hands.  One of the most endearing parts of the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was that the air guitar was the same riff.  In Bogus, they had so many riffs that the air guitar became distracting.  I understand what they were trying to do.  They wanted to make each air guitar riff fit the moment in the movie.  But that doesn’t fit with my imagined logic of Bill and Ted’s air guitar.  They were doing the same riff, with each other, over and over…because they thought it was cool.

Admittedly, I couldn’t play them (on a real guitar or an air guitar), so whoever did (probably Steve Vai) is amazing.  But it just didn’t fit.  The numerous Bogus riffs were just that…bogus.


2 thoughts on “Bogus

  1. Does it help you to know there are constantly rumors of a third Bill & Ted in the mix. But with Keanu being close to fifty, I don’t see it really happening.

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