What to Do?

I have decided what to do with this block of maple burl.  I am going to build a Rickenbacker 480 style body.

I hope I can find someone with a Rickenbacker 4000 series bass who would be willing to let me measure it for dimensions.  And, as I’ve said before, I’ll base the neck pocket on my Epiphone Crestwood.  It will take a while to get to this project, but I’m excited about it.  First, I have to build a speaker cabinet.   Second, I need to finish the strat project I’ve got in the works (just need pick ups, pots, and tuners).  I have to build the two tele bodies that came with the block of maple (one for me and one for the guy who found them at a garage sale).  And I’m sure a few other projects will pop up between now and then.

The funny thing is every time I thought about the block of maple burl I was limiting myself to either another tele (that’s what is traced on the wood) or trying to figure out how to carve a strat body out of it.  Then I started thinking about trying to get an SG body out of it.  But I don’t like where the upper horn hits me in the chest on my SG.  And then out of nowhere I thought of the guitar body that I think is the perfect mix of SG “thin-ness” and strat curves.  The Rickenbacker 480.  I’ve played one once.  The neck wasn’t my favorite, but the body was good.  And since I’ll be building it, I can base the comfort areas on my Epiphone Crestwood, which really is a truly comfortable guitar!

I can’t explain how happy this realization has made me.  Apparently it has been weighing me down in the back of my head without me even knowing it.  My brain is a sad, strange place.