I plugged in to my headphone amp at work today and played for almost 20 minutes.  As I played, I kept cutting notes short.  Not on purpose.  I would pick a note and it would sustain for a little while, then stop.  I had to actually focus on what I was playing and what I wanted to play until I figured out I was the cause.  I kept lifting the fingers on my left hand (the fretting hand) ever so slightly after I plucked a note so it would die.

I tried playing with the headphones off and it sounded like it always does when I play unamplified.  Then I put the headphones on and realized I have not played amplified on a regular enough basis.  I am not used to the note sustain that playing amplified gives you.  I’m used to playing my guitar unplugged and not getting much sustain out of each note.

Apparently I’ve been training myself to dampen or deaden the strings before I really should.  I’ll have to work on this.


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