Certain people in my life are never alone.  In comparison, I am often alone.  Alone driving to work.  Alone in my office.  Alone eating lunch.  Alone reading books after everyone has fallen asleep.  Alone running errands on my lunch break. Alone with my thoughts in my own head when I wake up before everyone else (which is almost every day).

Those certain people in my life who are never alone have forgotten how to be alone.  It is my job to remind certain people how to be alone.  And I have not been very successful as of late.  To accomplish this, they need more time alone, which requires me to spend more time not alone.  How is this done successfully?  I don’t know.  So I repost the following:

I think this is beautiful.  I watched it with a hushed reverence tonight after finishing Shawn of the Dead with certain people.  But more importantly…

Did you see that cream colored Squire Bullet telecaster/stratocaster mash up with what looks like two lace sensor pickups?

It looks like a 1981 Fender Bullet (standard).  For more info on these guitars, click here.  Very cool!