You Make the Call

Is it me, or does the guitar solo in Hard To Handle by the Black Crows sound like it is based on the solo in Walk This Way by Aerosmith?  Compare Hard to Handle at 2:04 and 2:43 to Walk This Way at 1:15 and 2:36.


4 thoughts on “You Make the Call

  1. Yeah they do – but I don’t know that I have the right ear for these kinds of comparisons. I’m curious how you discovered this – did you listen to them on the same day? I can’t really picture you listening to either of these for some reason.

    • I heard Hard to Handle back to back on two different radio stations on the way home. I hadn’t heard Walk This Way in a while, but I just kept thinking I had heard the Hard to Handle solo before. It finally came to me (that it was similar to the Walk This Way solo) during the next song on the radio (live version of My Generation by the Who). So I came home and confirmed everything on YouTube.

      But now I have to ask, what do you picture me listening to?

      • I think it’s just that these are such well-known songs. I think of you (and your spouse) listening to cool underground or local stuff that none of the rest of us know about:)

      • I like both kinds of music…country AND western.
        I only wish we were that cool! We still try to keep up, but with the kids…well, you know how it goes…
        We get to the occasional show but don’t spend nearly as much time exploring new music as we used to. Most of our music time is spent listening and cataloging the record collection.
        Besides, it’s not like I was listening to Bunky (check out Yes/No and BaBa, and Chuy) or something!

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