This isn’t really guitar oriented, but it always ends on guitars.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been assembling parts to rebuild the mountain bike that was on the roof rack when we drove into the garage.  I’ve already gotten a new bike, so this is really just a chance for me to learn more about how bikes work and how they are put together (and taken apart). Plus I can junk it if I fail.

The really nice thing has been the people at work who are bike nuts.  They have helped me immensely with advice, help, tools, parts, etc.  They have created a real community which encourages involvement.

So as I’m assembling everything tonight in hopes of having a complete bike before I go to bed, I must admit, I started thinking about the different guitar projects I’ve got on my list (which I recently blogged about here).  This diy stuff is really exciting!  Especially when it finally starts to come together.

Then I started having problems setting the bottom race on the base of the stem of my front fork.  It just won’t set properly.  I went online and watched/read lots of tutorials.  I tried a couple of times and it still wouldn’t go together properly.  So I stopped.

I will go back to the bike community and get some advice and help.  Someone might even do it for me or show me how to do it properly.

Am I part of a community like this when it comes to guitars?  I’m sure there is one out there.  I’m sure there are people who are just as gung ho about guitars as my coworkers are about bikes.  But other than online, I don’t get a lot of exposure to the guitar community.  Don’t get me wrong, online is great.  But when I start my next guitar or speaker cabinet project, who will I go to for help when I reach a problem that brings me to a grinding halt?  Who can I go back to for guitar advice and help?  My local guitar shop?  I feel bad if I take too much advantage of their generosity (they need to make a living).  Anyone else?  Not that I’m aware of.

This would sadden me, but I am too close to finishing my bike, so for now I’ll focus on that joy and community I’ll be participating in tomorrow!


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