Work Guitar

This entire week I have taken my Warmoth project guitar to work…and I haven’t played it yet.  Because it is a valuable guitar, I do not leave it at work like my usual work guitar.  Instead I bring it home and take it in each day.  Only I haven’t played it.  Something always seems to come up.  Some sort of last minute meeting or lunch invitation or something else that has to be done.  I usually eat lunch at my desk while I try to catch up on email.

And yet I just remembered that I did play my guitar on Wednesday.  I took twenty minutes to stop working and actually play along to some of the songs my work band is covering.  I butchered the songs and didn’t feel good about my playing at all.  But it did relax me.  And I did play.

The thing that worries me is that when I started writing this post I was positive I had not played at work in any way shape or form.  Does that mean I’m going crazy?  Does that mean I played so poorly yesterday that I completely forgot?  Does that mean that I am too busy at work and just assume I had to work?

What it probably means is that I probably play the guitar more than I think I do.  I want to play more, so it feels like I almost never play.  When in reality I probably do play.  I don’t know.  Once this week doesn’t feel like a lot.  It is getting late and I’m rambling.  I’m sure I’ll make sense of this in the morning…perhaps while I’m playing the guitar.


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