Almost a Movie Review

I saw Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World today.

I really liked it.  It was a great combination of juvenile humor, fun music, and cool video game recreations.

If I ever had a reason to buy a  nice bass, it would have to be, and probably always will have to be, a Rickenbacker.  And it was a nice reminder that I still think the six string version (the Rickenbacker 480) needs to be reissued.  Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to make my own guitar from the ground up.  It will be a cross between the 480 and my Epiphone Crestwood ET-275.  Just plain awesome!


One thought on “Almost a Movie Review

  1. Dan has read all the comics of this series and he loved them. He also saw the movie. I want to see the movie. Knowing you enjoyed it makes me more excited to see it!

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