Raw Materials

There are a few guys where I work who are experts in stuff that has nothing to do with work.  One guy says he’ll help me rebuild the mountain bike that was on the roof of my car when we pulled into the garage.  Another guy can do anything with batteries (he’s got some crazy plan to convert a Mustang into an all electric car).  And I just found out another guy cuts down trees, dries his own wood, and builds stuff from it.

So when I asked this latest guy for advice on building a speaker cabinet he offers me free chunks of hard maple that he has been drying for 4 months.  And he knows another guy we work with who can cut and plane them for whatever purpose I have in mind.

From everything I’ve read online, pine is what most people use to make guitar speaker cabinets when they use solid wood.  But it seems maple would be pretty cool.  Heavy, but pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to get intimidated by this project and there is a way out.  Another guy I work with is going out to Eastern Washington and could pick up that Mesa Boogie 1×12 speaker cabinet I’ve looked at twice now.  It would be a very good speaker cabinet.  It would be easy to get.  It would be cheap compared to the quality of any other commercial speaker cabinets in the same price range.  And the price difference wouldn’t be that much if I get a really nice speaker for a DIY speaker cabinet.

Then I start to worry that I’m biting off more than I can chew.  How much time will this project take?  Do I really have that kind of time with everything else going on with my family?  Should I be that selfish with my own little special interest?  Should I be imposing on these people’s generosity who have offered to help?

This is the sound of doubt in my head and I don’t like it.

So let’s end with something truly fun!

This is what I listened to on the way home from work Friday.  How can I not have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “Raw Materials

  1. I was hoping to “import” some Mahogany from Haiti when I was there in May. You see slabs of it all over. Unfortunately they are all wide but thin (kind of like 1×12) which would be difficult to build a guitar body out of. I’ll probably keep looking when I go back, and actually ask if I can get something guitar body sized.

    As for your speaker cab, l love the maple idea, but it seems like the most common cab woods are pine and Baltic birch. I’d be uneasy about taking that much of a flyer on something that’s a little out there. I’ve been looking more at buying a decent cab, then experimenting with speakers. I’ll be interested to see what you decide.

  2. I say go for the DIY. I am doing more and more of that. I find it has expanded my network and connected me with people I would otherwise not have interacted with. Plus, how cool is it have that thing that no one else has. Your family will be better off seeing what it means to have a creative outlet. Do it!

    I may be selfish and just want to see pictures of it, cause it sounds sweet.

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