Apparently the fact that I have a blog about guitars is the drama of the day in my family.  Maybe it isn’t the guitar part.  Just the blog part.

No one knew and now they are shocked to see almost a year of regular (I did not say quality, just regular) entries in which I over share my inner thoughts about guitars and how much of a wanna be I am.  Not that any of them will really be interested in the subject matter, I am touched that they are excited to see this “new” side of me.

I was the oldest of a largish family and moved out with few return trips or visits.  No one lives close by and so as a family our main way to keep in touch is via twitter and blogging.  It’s like I’ve had an outside life in which they are now participants.

So here’s a secret that I like and it makes me feel content.

So thanks for the recent and future comments.  If you get bored by the guitar stuff, don’t worry.  I’m not hurt or expecting your rapt attention.  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I have a great family!

Much love and kisses,



8 thoughts on “Unmasked

  1. It’s like you’re a super hero and we just found out that you’ve been sneaking out at night and saving people from danger. Are you the real Mr. Incredible?

    I listened to the whole 7 minutes and 32 seconds of the song and I really enjoyed the music. So thank you for that.

    I do love that our family keeps in touch through blogging and twitter. I guess that’s why it’s so fun to me that I now know you have this blog because even though I don’t understand practically anything you write about guitars, I just think it’s cool to be along for the ride and to see you so passionate. Very cool. Although I’m not sure about ending your post with “much love and kisses”. : )

  2. One more thing, I have officially subscribed to you in my google reader. Yeah!

    (And that was supposed to be a smiley face at the end of my last comment.)

    • Glad you enjoyed the song. Thanks for subscribing.
      As for the loves and kisses, that was just my attempt to hide my affection behind odd sarcasm. Now that I have explained it, it seems creepy. Not good.

  3. Regardless of focus being able to read someone articulating their passion is great fun. Do I understand what you are talking about with tone or sound? Or adding an E-20 to your guitar for that matter? No. Not one bit, but I do get to enjoy the sheer fact that I know YOU know.

    gvbb fhg vnygcrtfyggcnfgnrbr (That was Connor sharing his thoughts).

    As for this being a secret… I knew you liked guitars and music was a passion, but like @waits4thebus, I didn’t realize you had this much to say. A year of regular posts is incredible. I want to say you write more than Angry Baker, or Just Another Distraction. And I thought they wrote A LOT! Ha!

    • Hey! What are you saying? You think I write too much? What happened to a supportive family? Fine! I’ll stop writing. (Too bad I already announced a break from blogging yesterday. If I had waited just one day, I could have blamed it on you….)

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! No, I was the one who commented about it on your blog. Plus, I actually mentioned it months ago in one of those family email chains that gets way too long. No one seemed to pick up on it. I really wasn’t trying to hide anything. I just wasn’t “advertising” to the family since I figured no one is as interested in the subject matter as I am.

  4. Just like everyone else, I am in shock. I knew you loved music, but I thought that extended to just playing music–not writing about it. (Though I must admit, reading some of your posts is like reading a foreign language.) Maybe you should get a job at Guitar World. (Didn’t some awesome family member give you a subscription to that one year?) I wish I had something I loved so much. Or something that I made time for. That would relax me (like it does for you at work). I’ll have to work on that.

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