Gigging Band

Saw a band at the local county fair today after my daughter danced.  She did great for a five year old and the band did great for a trio playing classic rock.  The cool part was the guitarist’s tele-style guitar with two P-90’s in it.  They had cream centers with the chrome rings and chrome posts.

I have always liked the look of these P-90 style pick ups. I first saw the black version of them on Alejandro Escovedo’s black Gibson SGs and just thought they looked cool!  Plus he sounds great!  About the same time I saw Alejandro Escovedo and his guitars on Austin City Limits, I read about Allison Robertson of the Donnas and her use of a Gibson SG with P-90’s.  I then had an opportunity to play a Gibson SG with P-90’s at a Guitar Center.  It sounded terrible.

It just sounded bad.  I did not like it all.  I couldn’t get a good clean sound and I couldn’t get a good driven sound.  So I figured they just looked good and I would never get any or try them again.

Then I started putting together my Warmoth project guitar.  For anyone who has looked at my past entries on it, I ended up putting in Seymour Duncan P-rails.  I was looking for pickups that could cover all the bases and my good friend and one time guitar instructor recommended them after he tried them at NAMM.  So I read about them.  They appeared to fit the bill and I purchased them.  And they did fit the bill.

I’ve described it elsewhere (and I’m to lazy to set up the links to the different entries this one touches on), but I love the P-90 in the bridge position.  I love the parallel humbucker in the neck position.  I love the grit of the P-90 in the neck position.  And I’m starting to even prefer the P-90 in the neck position over the single coil rail for that clean but driven singing sound.  I can’t describe it, but I’m enjoying the P-90 portion of the P-rails quite a bit!

Watching the guy play his tele-style guitar with the P-90s just reminded me how I have it pretty good!


7 thoughts on “Gigging Band

  1. I totally agree about the P-Rails. I stuck them in my Brian Moore which I never played because the Pickups didn’t inspire me. Now I use it about 1/2 the time. I am amazed by the versatility, I have yet to find one tone that doesn’t sound good. I have actually found myself using the rail more than I thought.

    I also finally got the 2 JHS pedals and the quick verdict is definitely worth the wait, good stuff.

    Any luck on a teacher? How is the Frenzel? I think that a tube amp may be the next step, and the Frenzel seems like a good place to start.

    • I’m not there yet with the rail, but I’m sure it just will take time actually plugging into my amp when I play. Kind of hard to get into a pick up when I don’t play very much with my amp!

      Glad to hear the 2 JHS pedals were worth the wait!

      As for a teacher, I found two, but due to the purchase of the Frenzel neither is an option right now. I made a choice and now I’m reaping the results…and I chose not to ask them for free lessons. Ha!

      However, the Frenzel is a great head. I’m really happy with it so far. Once I get a speaker cabinet I’m sure it will only get better!

      • I understand the choices, and the amp is a good thing. I would definitely say to spend some time with the rails, it’s more of a thin sound but as a alternative to the others it really cuts. I was going to get more serious about an amp, but a no seat belt ticket that I just paid may have put a dent in that quest for a while. We’ll see.

        I have to say that your desire to make your own stuff, is pretty impressive. I’ve thought about it but haven’t done anything.

      • That’s a bummer about the ticket. I often slow down just so I won’t get a ticket since I then couldn’t justify purchasing some part or other thing for the guitar.

        As for the desire to make stuff…that is still a challenge. I have a chance to get more raw materials, but they scare me. I’ll write an entry about it soon!

  2. This is going to be a fluff comment, but I’m still going to put it in.

    First of all, I had no idea you had a blog this whole time until you made a comment about it on Angry Baker’s blog. And I love the fact that I’m just now finding out about this. I’m learning so much about you now!

    Regarding the post, you are speaking a foreign language to me. The only thing I understood was The Donnas. And I saw The Donnas with you and your wife in Salt Lake a long time ago. I think I had Dan with me (maybe someone else). I can’t remember. But it was cool.

    • Not really trying to hide, more just trying to keep my online personal profile to a minimum (so no names. Don’t worry, I already edited them out). Glad you found the blog. I’ll be curious if you find any of it worth reading!

      That Donnas show was great! Bratmobile opened for them and we had a lot of fun!

      Thanks for the comment!

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