Finally Did It

I finally took 25 minutes at work and played the guitar. Things have been very stressful at work and very busy at home.

This morning was particularly bad as we look at possible budget cuts, lawsuits, work loads, etc. With a three hour meeting taking up most of my afternoon I decided to close my office door, scarf down my lunch, and play the guitar.

It was so relaxing! I calmed down. I focused. I ended feeling ready to take on the afternoon. It was great!

And it was as simple as plugging my mp3 player into my computer speakers to play along with my work band songs.  I didn’t even plug in the guitar.  Now if I just did it more often….


4 thoughts on “Finally Did It

  1. It wasn’t hard to find once I knew it existed. But anyway…

    I think it’s cool that you made the choice to do this. It’s inspiring. I feel bad doing anything non-work related at work regardless of what it does to my productivity. I think I am more worried about what other people will think. It’s silly, and I should get over it, but then the question is what to do? I can’t play the guitar, so do I read another blog? Meh. I am teaching myself the alto recorder (yes, I feel like a second grader), but would feel EXTREMELY ridiculous bring that in to work.

    Anyway, good luck in your quest to play for focus as your month progresses.

    • Alto recorder, Todd? Is that the fancy name for a recorder that little kids play? I think it’s pretty special you’re learning. I would pay money to see the reactions of co-workers to your playing the recorder at work during a break.

      • The Alto recorder looks like a kids recorder on steroids. It’s in the key of F instead of C (But I still don’t really know what that means). The inspiration came from gtr1ab’s wife when she sent me sheet music to play Nintendo theme songs on the recorder. Then Liz’s sister took that idea further and made an arrangement of a medley of key Nintendo theme songs: Super Mario Bros 2 overworld, Super Mario 1 Star Power, Dr. Mario Fever, Super Mario 1 Underworld, The Legend of Zelda Overworld, Super Mario 2 Character Select, Tetris Theme, Super Smash Bros Menu Select, Super Mario 1 Water Theme, Super Mario 1 death….

        Maybe I should just do a blog post.


        Suffice to say, I am learning the Alto Recorder for that. It’s a four part piece. 2 sopranos, an Alto, and a Bass. We will record it. We will put it on YouTube.

    • The one struggle is making sure that the blog doesn’t use up more free time than guitar playing does. Sometimes I blog more than I play, which kind of defeats the purpose.

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