In my attempts to work through these issues of consumerism, I started trying to figure out how to buy/build a speaker cabinet without feeling guilty.  Obviously the first thing to do is figure out the most economical build I can do that is still high quality and will not be a waste of time and money.  Is this impossible?  Probably.  Will I still try?  Of course.

So I spent a little part of this morning looking at people’s recommendations of what speakers go well with a Fender Champ clone (i.e. my Frenzel!).  The list includes:

Celestion Blue, Vintage 30, Weber 12A125, Weber 12A150, not to mention the Eminence and Jensen speakers.  So then I looked up these speakers and found they are all way out of my price range at this point.  I plan to spend less than $100 on wood, speaker, and parts.  Have I created an impossible challenge? We shall see.  Am I trying to create my inner dialogue a bit too much?  Yes.  Is it dorky?  Yes.  Are you still reading?  Probably didn’t even start.

I’ll probably just go for a Weber Signature Alnico, a Warehouse Guitar Speaker, a Carvin GT128, or something else that is considered decent for the money.  Thanks internet for all the suggestions on how to get amazing tone that I’m now going to pretty much ignore!


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