Song About Boy

I spent a good chunk of the evening in a lawn chair while the kids played on the swing set.  The really nice thing was strumming the kids’ 3/4 size acoustic while they played.  As they would run past, they would yell out a song topic.







And the list went on and on, while I tried to come up with little riffs and chord progressions to play, as well as silly lyrics that would make them laugh.  I ended the evening on a successful tune about Boy climbing the rock wall at the young age of two (it really was amazing to watch him climb a wall three times his height).

I’m not sure the neighbors enjoyed it, but we had fun!


One thought on “Song About Boy

  1. We’ve been thinking about a swing set for a while. This really makes me want one. And for Vann to sit outside on a lawn chair while the girls play and strum on his guitar and make up songs–while the races are going….

    Really, I love snap shots like this!

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