Freebies continued

I went back to my local guitar shop and asked if they, by chance, had the FS114 foot pedal that originally came with the Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1000 I had gotten free at their parking lot sale.  They looked around and found one, which they proceeded to give me…for free!

I plugged it in this afternoon and it works great!  It basically allows the user to switch between the four presets in the on board effects.  There is a silent pause between effects switching.  So if you are on preset 1 and select preset 2, then it kills the sound for a half a second.  Not a great tool when playing live and wanting to switch effects mid-song, but if you decide to have one effect in one song and another effect in another song, it is pretty convenient.  Better than not having anything at all.  There is  also a plug for a midi controller.  I’m curious if it would also have the delay between presets.

Not that I’m complaining.

I’m still waiting for the amp to blow up, but I’ll continue to enjoy it until then!  Awesome!


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