Benefit Fund Raiser

After taking the day off work to attend a wedding, my good friend since junior high and I attended a benefit concert!  The two headlining bands were Bangs and the Need.  C Average also played. We missed the opening band, so I don’t know who they were or what they did.

The guitarist in C Average played a Gibson Firebird and I have to admit, seeing it up there on stage just reminded me how cool I think that headstock looks.  I am so glad I put it on my Warmoth project guitar.  So that convinced me I just may be somewhat cool.

Next came the Bangs.  This was a reunion gig since they broke up in 2004.  They were awesome!  Sarah Utter played a white Gibson SG with the tiny pick guard I think looks great (and implies the neck joins the body at the 21st fret instead of the 19th on the SG Standard)!  She was plugged into a Marshall JCM 800 and I couldn’t tell what pedals she used other than the Fender tuner.  She also broke four strings during her set.  FOUR STRINGS!  And not just the high E string.  She broker her A string first, then her G, then the low E.  I’ve never seen anyone break their low E string.   I don’t know which one went after that, but wow.  She ended up just playing the last song without all her strings.

Maggie Vail played bass and looked so unassuming up there with her Jazz/Mustang style bass…until she started singing and playing.  She was awe inspiring!  I think Peter or Chris was the name of the drummer.  His drum rolls were perfect in each song.  Click here to hear songs and watch videos.  I recommend “Train Wreck”!

My junior high buddy and I both purchased the Bangs’ EP and 7 inch they had for sale.  When we listened to them this morning, it really was as good as we remembered.  Not bad!

The Need were an incredible show too, but not something I will be purchasing or listening to again (unless they do another show with Bangs).  The guitarist played a white Gibson SG Custom (with the three pick ups) and alternated between an Orange full stack and apparently her grandfather’s Magnavox amp with the stereo vibrato.  She sounded so metal, but also did some great effects stuff that blew my mind.

A great show to see and a good cause to support.  I pat myself on the back.


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