Am I cool now?

Another big guitar oriented event this weekend was the arrival of my new Frenzel FM-5E1SS Super Champ Sportster.  The seller did a great job packing it up, as well as safely removed the tubes and packaged them separately.  I wish I had taken pictures, but I was too excited!

I opened it, read his email about how to install the tubes (this was very helpful since I have never done this before), put everything together, and plugged it in.  I don’t have a speaker cabinet yet, but the amp has a line out, so I plugged in headphones and got sweet tonal goodness!

So I will be playing through headphones until I have either found a killer deal on a speaker cabinet or made one to my exact specifications.  That will give me time to figure out how to put an effects loop in the Frenzel amp head too.

I’m excited about all these projects already.  Wish me luck!


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