POG Quest ends?

Back in April I blogged about the Electro Harmonix POG and POG2 pedals.  Well, after months of searching, I finally got to see some in real life…and actually play with a POG2.

We were in Portland this weekend and I dragged my wife to a couple of guitar stores (in between record stores, which she enjoys much more).  One place had a used POG and a new POG2.

After playing for about three minutes with the POG2, I knew that it really does everything described on the internet.  It sounds like an organ.  It sounds like a good synth bass.  It sounds like a high pitched wraith. It tracks your playing well.  What it doesn’t do is make you a better player.

I know, I’m shocked too!

The best part of actually getting to play one was confirming the sinking suspicion that I do not currently warrant a $324 pedal that I’m still not sure what I’ll use it for.  It sounds great.  I would like to get one someday, but when I’m not getting a digital delay pedal because it’s only on sale for $150…then the POG2 isn’t really in the cards.

And the POG is not really an option because of its size and the lack of presets.  The versatility and features of the POG2 really does justify not spending a little less on the POG…even used.

I still love the organ sound.  I still would like a POG2, but for now, I will be satisfied with what I’ve got currently (projects and all).

The final kicker was from my wife as we were leaving the guitar store, “If you really want an organ sound to play with, why don’t I just play my keyboard into your looper?  I do play the piano you know.”

Oh ya.  That would work too.

P.S.  Thanks to Old Town Guitars in Portland for helping me decide not to buy this pedal.  You guys were great…both times I stopped by!


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