Work Band Food Poisoning

We had a successful second Work Band practice.  We played through all nine covers we had picked (even played a few twice when we made mistakes).  I am still the weakest link of the trio, but we had a lot of fun.  My parents are in town, so they got to hear (they were outside with the kids) and didn’t seem too horrified!

We finished the 9th song and I said we should pick one to play one last time when I heard, “I just pooped on the floor!” I said we had to stop and rushed to the bathroom where my 5 year old was suffering from food poisoning.  After cleaning up the puke and diarrhea off the floor and getting her taken care of, I said good bye to my co-workers and we agreed to try to get together on Tuesday!  Woo hoo!

Now back to that poor little five year old.  Wish her well.


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