Another thing we discussed in my guitar lesson yesterday was string bends and vibrato. First we worked on bending the string up to a specific note without going sharp.  Then we worked on playing a scale progression, but the last note was reached by bending the previous one.  However, the goal was to bend it and then play the note so you couldn’t hear the bend up to the higher note.  Just the higher note.  I usually went sharp (bent too much).

Once I was somewhat consistent in bending right to the desired note, we then worked on vibrato.  He explained that I want to go up to the target note and then the vibrato (slight movement of the string while bent) should go down and up, but not go OVER the target note.  I usually go up and then down.  The vibrato, at least for Chicago style blues, generally stays below the note (oscillating between flat and in tune) rather than going above and below (sharp and flat) the note.

This may be common knowledge to everyone out there, but I was not aware of this.  It now explains why a floating bridge is not a given on “tremolo” fitted guitars.  Perhaps there wasn’t really a need to bend sharp compared to the desire to bend flat and then back to the desired note.  Or maybe I’m just too inventive for my own good.  Either way, I’ve got a lot to learn.


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