I feel like I just wasted an evening on the internet.  I should’ve played the guitar.  I should’ve worked on my free amp.  I should’ve done a lot of things.  But I didn’t.  I relaxed by reading about and watching stuff on the internet.

One thing I did that I truly enjoyed was purchase the new Liz Phair album.  I have been a big fan of Liz Phair through all of her different albums.  I got to see her live in a pretty small venue in Salt Lake City years ago and have always had great memories of buying Exhile in Guyville during my traditional music store visit after taking a test in college.  Then I purchased Whip Smart while on a date with my future wife.

Admittedly I have not listened to the entire album  yet, but I am enjoying how eclectic and bizarre the mix of tracks is so far.  There is pretty much every style of music on here.  I find it a breathe of fresh air from her more recent albums, but at the same time I can hear the all the styles that she probably enjoys.  Who really only likes one style/genre of music?  Not me.

This relates to my quest for a guitar instructor.  I’ve been in contact with a guy who does a lot of Chicago-style blues.  Something I really love.  He doesn’t play Delta blues, so learning slide on a national steel guitar isn’t going to happen.  I’m not going to learn a lot of punk rock or classic rock.  And my death metal aspirations won’t be fulfilled.  But I want to learn Chicago style blues.  I want to learn multiple styles/genres of music.

But I don’t have time to do it all at once.  Of course, even if I had the time, I don’t have the ability.  So I will have to learn one thing at a time.  My goal is to keep working on it and to continually learn.  This chance for guitar lessons should help me focus my efforts and to get off the plateau I’ve

Now I am tired and the day is done.



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