The Original

“Style is originality; fashion is fascism” –Lester Bangs

I read this quote in the comments of a blog entry about feminism and fashion.  I don’t know where I fit in the feminist world.  I am male, which appears to be a point against me.

Anyway, I have never been fashionable, but I have tried to be cool.  Which seems to be the same thing.  Which generally means I haven’t been original or had much style.  My guitar playing is pretty much in the same boat.  I have never been musical or original or had style, but I haven’t been cool or fashionable either.

Is trying to be cool the downfall of style and originality or the source used when you achieve cool and fashionable with style and originality?  Is Lester correct?  Can it only be one or the other?  This would imply that if you are trying to be fashionable, then you are not being original.  Even if you fail and create your own style.


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